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Eight positions
1, standing in the party and state stand - always with the heart of China for my heart
2, standing in the group position - always have to shape and maintain the organization of the heart
3, standing on the customer stand - always have the hearts of customers
4, standing on the product stand - always let the product will speak heart
5, standing in the company's position - always become the company's spokesperson's heart
6, standing in the family position - always for the benefit of family heart
7, standing on the achievements of staff positions - always achievements of the staff of the heart
8, standing self-thinking position - always have to create self-pursuit of my heart

Ten principles
1, to comply with the principles of national laws and regulations.
2, to the principle of fact.
3, based on the company's documents to solve the company's internal issues for the principle.
4, to not spread the negative principle.
5, to the principle of healthy lifestyle.
6, to protect the company, customers, employees tripartite interests for the principle.
7, to hold on to the principle of mutual.
8, to develop the way to solve the problem for the principle.
9, do not assume the mouth of others for the principle.
10, to strictly adhere to the company's business secrets for the principle.